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Knight Knox is the leading provider of buy-to-let opportunities to the private investor market, specialising in off plan buy-to-let properties ranging from new build residences to high-end refurbishment projects.

Our portfolio of completed, in construction, and future stock is second to none. Whether you are a portfolio buyer or a first time investor, you can rest assured that Knight Knox will have something to suit your budget and requirements.





Knowing our market and products intimately allows Knight Knox to ensure that everything we do is of the highest quality, reflecting on our high standards and expertise.

Passionate People

Passionate people

Knight Knox employees are specially selected for their passion, expertise and love of what they do, which allows Knight Knox to deliver the best possible experience for each and every investor.



Knight Knox endeavours to exceed all expectations set by our clients—we work on their behalf to ensure their investment performs well throughout its lifecycle, and we ensure that the performance of each member of the Knight Knox team is always at its highest.



We will strive to consistently deliver the highest possible standards and customer service levels in every aspect of our work. Our clients will be able to rely on us to deliver what we promise, and will confidently recommend us as a company to work with.



Knight Knox are always honest and ethical, doing what is in the best interests of our clients at all time. Our clients entrust us with their investments, so we endeavour to meet their expectations at every stage.

Market Specialists

With extensive experience within the property industry, the Knight Knox team are specialists in their field, ensuring there is always someone on-hand to guide you, whichever location you choose. The convenience of a UK base and team of over 30 fully trained individuals, is complemented by our relationship with a range of carefully selected overseas partners.

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Ongoing Support


Once our property consultants have helped clients choose and secure their perfect property they are passed over to our dedicated After-Sales team who are on hand after the point of reservation to take care of the remainder of the process. The After-Sales department liaises with clients’ solicitors throughout the exchange process to ensure relevant funds are paid and all documentation is signed in order to avoid unnecessary delays.

Recommended Solicitors

To make the process as easy and seamless as possible, Knight Knox recommends a selection of solicitors to help with the exchange process. Each solicitor we recommend is completely independent, but chosen by us specifically to suit the needs of both our developments and our clients.

Services you can trust

“The whole process from the initial reservation to the exchange of contracts up to the final legal completion is guided by their very friendly, knowledgeable and trustworthy staff, who always maintain a great sense of professionalism. Any queries or uncertainties are answered almost instantly, and they do their utmost to accommodate their clients’ needs - overall a truly remarkable service, and I know for sure that all my future investments will be through Knight Knox”

Dr Nishil Haria, repeat investor

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