Property investment glossary

Management Company

A third-party company hired by the landlord to let and manage the investment property on their behalf.

Mature students

A student who is over the age of 21 when they commence their studies.

Mortality Cross Subsidy

An annuity stipulation that states that the funds belonging to those who die before their normal life expectancy subsidise the insurance company for those who live longer than expected.


A legally binding document in which a bank or building society lends money to an individual in order to purchase a property, with the loan paid in monthly instalments with interest over a long period of time.

Mortgage in Principal

An agreement between a lender and a potential homeowner that outlines a figure up to the value of which the lender is prepared to loan the individual. Although these documents can be useful to secure the purchase, mortgages in principal are not legally binding and are subject to change.

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