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The UK property market is currently very strong. Property prices have been increasing year-on-year, a situation which looks set to continue into the future as the imbalance between supply and demand shows no sign of abating. The record number of people entering the private rental sector in response to the rising house prices makes this an ideal time to invest in a buy-to-let property.

When investing in property it is vital to search out the best advice. Whether you are looking to find out about the latest property hotspots, curious about the booming Northern regions, or looking for advice on how to invest your pension in property, we have the guide for you.

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Buy-to-Let Guide

Buy-to-let Guide

The buy-to-let market in the UK continues to go from strength to strength. The growth in house prices continues to be significant and this has forced many people and families in the private rental market. One in five households in Britain are now living in the private rental sector.

This is bad news for people with aspirations to own their own homes, especially young people; however private landlords in the buy-to-let sector are enjoying a thriving market. High tenant demand and a lack of housing stock has caused rents to increase, thereby increasing rental yields for landlords.

Property is outperforming almost all other types of investment and the time has never been better to consider a buy-to-let investment. Read our Buy-to-Let Guide to find out more about property hotspots, making the right property choices, buy-to-let strategies and the do’s and don’ts of UK property investment.

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Buy-to-let is booming, with growing numbers of professional and amateur investors seeking to pour yet more cash into a market worth £1 trillion.

The Telegraph, 2015

The Northern Property Guide

Northern cities such as Manchester, Liverpool and Leeds have come to the forefront of the UK property market in recent years as investors have begun to look outside London for superior rates of return on their investments.

The Government’s ‘Northern Powerhouse’ scheme has given a huge boost to the North of England and investment from China and the Middle East has never been higher. In response, the North has seen an increasing population, and in turn an increasing demand for rental properties.

Our Northern Property Guide is the ideal starting place for investors looking to the regions to find the best value in the buy-to-let market. Read our guide to UK buy-to-let property investment in the North to find out more...

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Northern Property Guide

There are 15 million people living in the North of England, with a gross value added of £290 million.

Transport for the North, 2016

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