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The Northern property market continues to grow markedly in response to the strong economic performance across the region. The continuous growth in house prices has driven more and more people into the private rental market as property remains largely unaffordable to anyone who doesn’t already have a foot on the property ladder. In this way the North is mirroring the rest of the UK.

The rising house prices combined with a growing population, especially among young professionals, makes the North a hotspot for property investors and buy-to-let landlords. The market is thriving and rental yields are increasing year on year due to a shortfall of housing stock. Cities such as Manchester, Liverpool and Leeds are especially strong at present.

Property is the premier investment class in the North of England and there has rarely been a better time to consider investing in the regions; the market is fundamentally sound and further growth has been predicted for years to come. Read our Northern Property Guide to find out more about this booming property market, the best places to invest, what to expect from the region in the future, and much more.

£1.07 trillion


The value of UK buy-to-let property



The estimated number of households in the UK's private rental sector by 2016



The percentage of landlords intending to acquire more properties in the next 12 months

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