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Tenant Sentiment Research 2017/18

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Tenant Sentiment Report

51% of tenants choose to rent because they cannot afford a deposit for a house


53.5% of renters value outdoor space over modern interiors and facilities when looking for a rental property


38.5% of tenants see value for money as one of the most important factors


51% of tenants rent because they cannot afford a deposit for a house

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Do's and Don'ts Main findings

In this report we will analyse the statistics behind the sentiment of tenants in the UK today.

Case Study What do tenants really want?

Explore what tenants look for in rental property.

Tenant Sentiment Research Report

The UK rental market is growing at a rapid rate. Despite government promises to build new, affordable homes, it has been predicted by industry experts that 1 in 4 UK households will be renting privately by 2021. With this in mind, the opinions of tenants in the rented sector are becoming more valuable.

During Q4 2017 Knight Knox carried out its second annual tenant survey to find out more about tenants, their rental situation and the market as a whole. 2,000 tenants across all demographics were surveyed and the results revealed why people rent but most importantly, confirmed that the growing trend towards renting is here to stay.

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