EasyJet Announces New Flights from Manchester to Moscow

Budget Carrier EasyJet today launched flights from Manchester to Moscow

EasyJet Announces New Flights from Manchester to Moscow

Moscow Bound: EasyJet launch new route from Manchester to Moscow

This announcement will see the airline journeying from Manchester to Moscow four times every week and hopes to carry as many as 60,000 passengers on the new route within the first year.

The Moscow service highlights the importance of the Russian market to North West firms who have started to realise the opportunities offered by the market; exports to the nation grew by as much as 27 per cent from the North West over the last two years.

Moscow is the 30th route accessible from Manchester through EasyJet, with another two routes to Prague and Thessaloniki set to be launched this summer.

This new route is being touted as a ‘business route’ and will hopefully see North West firms increase their presence in growth markets such as Russia, helping to disband the region’s current reliance on the European market.

EasyJet hopes to increase the frequency of this service, building on the four flights a week that are currently planned.

Extract adapted from Manchester Evening News and Insider Media on 28/03/2013

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