Egypt Tourist Trade Back On Course

The tourist trade in Egypt has started to show positive signs of recovery following a revolt two years ago which dealt a devastating blow to 2011’s tourist trade.

Egypt Tourist Trade Back On Course

Pyramids continue to attract high numbers.

Egypt’s tourism sector achieved a significant revival in 2012 as nearly 2 million more people came to see the historical and world-renown pyramids of Egypt; a 17% rise on the amount of tourists that visited in 2011.

Overall, some 11.5 million tourists went to Egypt last year and although the numbers didn’t reach the dizzying heights of 2010 before the revolt, when over 14 million people visited, these numbers helped hail the recovery of a trade which is indispensable to the region.

Some 11.5 million tourists went to Egypt last year.

Nearly $10 billion dollars was plunged into the economy last year by tourists; a 13% increase over the previous year.

Western Europeans were the largest group of visitors, while large numbers of Eastern Europeans and tourists from the Middle East also flew into the region contributing to the country’s economy.

Extract adapted from Arabian business and oxford business group

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