Event Review: A Place in the Sun Live 2015

A Place in the Sun Live needs no introduction, this premier property show has seen so much popularity since its beginnings over a decade ago, 2015 saw the inclusion of an entirely new Manchester show.

Event Review: A Place in the Sun Live 2015

Knight Knox International is always proud to promote its home city of Manchester, so was thrilled when ‘A Place in the Sun Live’ chose Britain’s second city as the third location of their incredibly popular property exhibitions.

It was soon clear that Manchester was the perfect place for this new show. The three day event saw a very high footfall considering it was the first of its kind. There were over 150 exhibitors catering to the approximate 6000 visitors. Iqbal Hussain, Sales Manager at Knight Knox International, also noted how the footfall was “surprisingly high considering it was Mother’s Day and there were St. Patrick’s Day celebrations throughout the city”.

Knight Knox International’s stand, in a prime location at the entrance of the exhibition hall, was the very first visitors saw when arriving. Plus, the company’s contemporary stand, debuted at the end of last year, had a unique, modern style and was one of the most impressive at the whole exhibition.

“This year, the two stand-out locations were Florida and Spain”

A Place in the Sun Live primarily attracts investors looking to buy and invest abroad. This year, the two stand-out locations were Florida and Spain, as investors looked to make the most of cheaper locations with expected growth. These two incredibly popular holiday destinations have a number of developments which can be used as second homes, or be rented out for an extra income.

The idea of investing into the home city of Manchester also saw a significant amount of interest. Residential and student developments around the area offer some of the highest yields in the country. Plus, the United Kingdom’s economy has been one of the most steadily rising over the past few years. Manchester may not be a place in the sun, but the potential yields and capital gains more than make up for the weather!

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