EVENT REVIEW: Brisbane Homebuyer & Property Investor Show

The Knight Knox International Exhibitions team hailed their first ever appearance in Brisbane as a resounding success, after attending the Brisbane Homebuyer and Property Investor Show last weekend.

EVENT REVIEW: Brisbane Homebuyer & Property Investor Show

Source: Our first appearance in Brisbane was a resounding success!

Exhibiting for two days, the team showcased UK buy-to-let and student accommodation opportunities, finding that visitors expressed great interested in these offerings, due to the low price points and high rental returns available in regional locations.

The team also found that attendees had less preconceived ideas of London as a traditional investment location, and were more than happy to consider alternative regions.

Stationed in a prime position, The Knight Knox International booth was regularly sought-out by visitors as a result of our standing as the only international real estate agent at the show.

By the end of the show, eight potential sales were gleaned, a number of which are currently being followed up at our UK-based sales office, in addition to receiving a host of sub-agent enquiries.

This success was informed by a number of market trends, including the high property prices in Australia, which saw the nation identified as the most unaffordable market in the 2014 Annual Demographia International Housing Affordability Survey.

These high prices mean Aussies often look towards alternative investments, particularly in Brisbane where average property prices stand at around £300,000, meaning that many visitors were keen to consider alternative investment options due to Brisbane’s expensive living costs.

Also, the Aussie dollar continues to depreciate against major currencies; in fact, since we last exhibited in Melbourne in 2013, the dollar has fallen a further 10%. Visitors informed us that this makes UK investments extremely worthwhile, as it allows them to secure their funds in a more stable currency.

The final factor, which assisted our success, is the exclusivity of the Australian property market. This exclusivity imposes conditions on investors, whereby they can only re-sell their second homes and Australia-based investment properties to the local market, eliminating the rest of the global market and curtailing profit margin.

In addition to these factors, a bonus for Australian investors is that they have self-managed superannuation pension funds, which many visitors intended to use for foreign property purchases.

Having now attended three property shows in Australia, we continue to see the benefits of exhibiting there and continue to expand our brand awareness through consistently attending exhibitions.

The team will attend exhibitions in Sydney and Melbourne in the upcoming months.

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