Knight Knox International Donation Rebuilds 21 Family Homes in the Philippines.

Knight Knox International has donated funding to re-build 21 family homes in deprived areas throughout the Philippines.

Knight Knox International Donation Rebuilds 21 Family Homes in the Philippines.

A new home built by the PCF

The Salford Quays-based property firm donated the funding to the Philippine Community Fund’s Shanty Rebuilding Project, which aims to rebuild new homes for those living in unsuitable housing.

The houses chosen to be rebuilt are often damaged by storms or infested by vermin or disease.

Kyla Mae, who lives with her aged grandmother after her mother abandoned her and father died in prison, is one of those whose home was rebuilt with the funding from Knight Knox International.

Before the rebuild, her home was often flooded by typhoons and infested with rats, which meant Kyla contracted a sickness that affected her kidneys.

Kyla has now recovered and is delighted with her new home.

My grandmother and I feel safe in our new home

She said: “My grandmother and I feel safe in our new home; we have a door that we can lock, strong walls, a roof and a second floor. When it rains we do not get wet, which is such a lovely feeling.”

The Knight Knox International funding also provided the materials for student Wincy Diana and her family to rebuild their home.

Their previous home had a see-through roof, which often meant it was exposed to flooding causing damage to the family home.

Wincy’s father, Arnold, rebuilt the house with the materials provided by Knight Knox International and was extremely grateful for the funding.

He said: “We are greatly benefiting from our new home, we are dry! We have so much more space and my children can now sleep properly at night.

“My children are better rested when they go to school and I can safely leave my tools in our home as we have a lock on the door.

“I cannot express the change that this has made to my children’s life.”

Jane Walker MBE, the founder and CEO of the Philippine Community Fund commented about the partnership between Knight Knox International and the fund.

She said: “The partnership between Knight Knox and the Philippine Community Fund is a perfect example of the incredible things what can be achieved when business and charity come together.

“The fund run its own school for child workers on the open dump sites in the Philippines and all of our children live in broken down shanties.

“When Knight Knox International offered to rebuild some of our student’s houses, it completely changed their lives and meant that the children were no longer sick and could come to school every day.

None of this would have been possible without the help and support of Knight Knox International.”

The newly-rebuilt homes have two floors and waterproof roofing ensuring that families stay dry whilst asleep.

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