University Applications Surge By 4%

University applications have jumped by 4% this year, as student numbers continue to rise despite fears associated with the tuition fees increase in 2011.

University Applications Surge By 4%

University applications have jumped by 4% this year

This is the second year where application numbers have risen, showing increasing signs that the rise in tuition fees has had little effect on prospective students.

This news comes in a week when the importance of gaining a university education was reflected in a report by the Office of National Statistics, which claimed that one in five graduates become millionaires.

Prospective students are more than aware of this importance, as proved by the number of applications, which stand at an impressive 659,030 – up 4% on the same point last year.

The statistics from UCAS show that the number of applications from overseas students had the biggest increase, jumping by 6%, while applications from other EU students rose 5%.

This news is particularly positive for the student accommodation sector as international students often prefer to reside in private-student accommodation in order to acquire the independence required to maximise their investment.

Additionally, this rise demonstrates that the prestige associated with gaining a British education still has the strength to attract students from around the world.

Applicants from England surged by 3%, while application rises in Scotland and Wales were of 2% and 3% respectively.

The figures also evidenced that more women applied than men.

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