Waterfront properties are worth more in Britain

A new report from Knight Frank lays out how much more valuable a waterfront property is, stating that a home by the sea, a river, a dock, an estuary or a lake can be worth as much as 80% more than a comparable property which does enjoy the same location.

Waterfront properties  are worth more in Britain

The premiums vary depending on where you are in the country – much like anything else to do with house prices – with the highest premiums being found in the South West (105%), London (96%), East Anglia (51%), the South East (46%) and Scotland (44%). This is to be expected as those locations are variously either prime holiday destinations or home to some of the best looking coastline in the UK.

It is more informative to look at the specifics. Unsurprisingly the properties which commanded the highest prices are the most specialised ones which have practical uses for boat owners. For instance, a homes with a slipway (133%), homes with a mooring (121%) homes with a pontoon (120%), homes with a jetty (110%) or homes with private access to a beach (96%). We can safely ignore these here as they are specialist properties.

More interesting are specific waterfront locations; a home on an estuary (108%), a home by a harbour or dock (107%) or a home by the coast (77%) all offer high premiums.

For first time buyers or people looking to take their next step up the housing ladder somewhere near a waterfront this probably isn’t the best news in the world. However, investors should seriously consider looking at waterfront properties in popular locations as they hold their value, are popular with tenants and you will not be short of interest when the time comes to sell your buy-to-let investment property.

X1 Chatham Waters is our latest waterfront development and our first in the South East of England. Located in Chatham Docks overlooking the Thames Estuary, these apartments are perfectly positioned to appeal to young professional renters who wish to live in a tranquil, waterfront home but commute into London for work – a 45 minute journey from the nearby train station.

These apartments are of an extremely high specification and are larger than those in comparable nearby developments, meaning that X1 Chatham Waters is set to become the number one rental destination in the area. The local population is predicted to grow by 10% in the coming years and the development sits right in the centre of a significant ongoing regeneration which is creating a world class residential, commercial, educational and leisure district by the sea. This is one of the UK’s best buy-to-let property investment markets and X1 Chatham Waters is an unmissable opportunity for any landlord looking to grow their portfolio.

If you are interested in finding out more details about X1 Chatham Waters or enquiring, please see the dedicated development page.

Alternatively, if you are looking to sell your waterfront buy-to-let investment property, why not get a free valuation today from yieldit, our dedicated investment property resale service?

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