Property Development

With more than 10 years’ experience in industry, Knight Knox works exclusively as a joint venture partner with four UK developers to create investment property which serves the interests of both investors and future tenants alike.

The legal work Knight Knox undertakes at the planning and design stages continues into the actual property development. Working with its joint venture partners, Knight Knox works to appoint experienced contractors to carry out the construction. Years of experience are applied to select contractors with a record of reliability and delivering on time, all of which contributes to the excellent reputation Knight Knox has earned for trustworthiness over the last decade.

Knight Knox involves investors throughout the development process via regular updates to ensure they know their investment is progressing on time and to the promised standard. Construction photo galleries, drone footage and routine updates from the construction site are all combined to keep investors as up to date as possible.

Property development is fundamentally the most important part of the construction industry and Knight Knox is committed to making sure its reputation for delivering on time and fulfilling promises to investors is not lost. With a proud record of more than 50 completed developments, Knight Knox is far ahead of the competition – and that is not to mention the more than 20 further developments currently in progress.

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