Residential Property Management

Each Knight Knox development is let and block-managed by a highly experienced property management agent on the investors’ behalf. The agent is appointed before construction begins in order to ensure a smooth, professional transition following completion.

Every Knight Knox buy-to-let development is looked after post-construction by a dedicated, professional lettings and management company which is responsible for everything from maintenance issues to handling rent payments and tenant referencing and care.

Lettings and management companies are appointed early in the process before construction begins. Designating an agent at this early stage makes sure they have a full understanding of the development and are prepared to deal with the demands of investors from day one, ensuring a smooth transition and a professional service.

Knight Knox developments boast an extremely high tenancy rate, often 100 per cent, and our management companies are fully certified and held to the highest standards. Our management companies have a proud record of delivering the best possible service as the many happy client testimonials can attest to.

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