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Knight Knox is a leading provider of buy-to-let developments to the private investor market. Specialists at sourcing investment opportunities in both new-build residences and high-end refurbishment projects, our portfolio of both completed and future stock is testament to the quality of the products we bring to market.

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Boasting a successful track record of buy-to-let developments, we work in partnership with highly experienced UK developers to deliver a wide range of bespoke projects, including prime new-build, residential buy-to-let apartments and high-yielding, boutique student accommodation, in major cities across the UK.

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“Surpassed all expectations both in rental yield and value”

I would like to say how very pleased I am with the level or service in relation to client care and professionalism throughout the purchase and aftercare with Knight Knox. I have purchased a unit at X1 Town Hall and it is surpassed all expectations both in rental yield and value. Knight Knox is the place to visit for any new investor or someone looking to start out in the property market

Mr Shiraz Shaffi, Knight Knox investor

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